Health Citizens is a website for people living with a medical diagnosis, possibly sometimes even life threatening. At this time you can feel very vulnerable and worried. Our aim is to help people support each other in a constructive and compassionate way. Please see these points

simply as guidance for engaging with others who might be in a similar situation to you. Enjoy.

  • I agree to give constructive support and advice.
  • I can expect good and useful information.
  • I will be heard and not judged.
  • I will be polite and respectful of others.
  • I will intervene if I feel someone is giving bad advice.
  • I will report any inappropriate comments or behaviour.
  • I aim to be as useful and supportive as possible to others.
  • I appreciate newly diagnosed people might be vulnerable and I will remain sensitive to their circumstances.
  • I will not make any changes to my medication before I discuss any suggestions with my doctor.
  • I accept if someone complains I might be stopped from using Health Citizens.
  • I should not be pressured to buy anything as this is not a commercial site.
  • Be safe on line – your post might appear in a search so be careful with your personal

information; think about your safety when giving this information to any one.

**Help us to keep improving the site. Give us feedback to help make the site more suitable for you and those people who need support and advice.


I accept